The wildlife park in Bad Mergentheim covers an area of 250.000 m² of woodland and meadows. Strolling along the 2 km long walkway, you may encounter and observe various wildlife species! During feedings and exhibitions, comprehensive information about wild and domestic animals is provided. Gain an impressiom from the wildlife park via our virtual tour already now!

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Predators that can be found inside the wildlife park are(amongst others) wolves and lynxes.

Wildlife park Bad Mergentheim - Wolves

A wild cat can be distinguished from a domestic cat with a similar colouration only by its dark rings around its tail and its dark tip of its tail.

Wildlife park Bad Mergentheim - Wild cat

The Red deer is the largest animal in that can be found in the Middle European wild. Deers are characterized by large antlers, which are only worn from males.

Wildlife park Bad Mergentheim - Red deer

Throughout the winter marmots doze inside their caves. During this period, they feed on fat reserves that they built up during summer times.

Wildlife park Bad Mergentheim - Marmot

The Cormorant is a predator and diver as swift as an arrow. Cormorants are breeding in colonies. Since they feed mainly on fish, the can do severe harm to fishgrounds used from fishermen or commercially.

Wildlife park Bad Mergentheim - Cormorant

The European terrapin is the only indigenous turtle populating in Middle Europe.

Wildlife park Bad Mergentheim - Terrapin

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