The Town of Weikersheim is only 5 kilometers away from our homestead. Therefore visiting this town is a must for all our visitors! The most noticeable attraction of the town is certainly Weikersheim Castle, ancestral seat of the House of Hohenlohe. However, the Old Town of Weikersheim is certainly worth a visit, too! Enjoy a virtual tour through the Old Town of Weikersheim and Weikersheim Castle already now!

Weikersheim - City panorama

Weikersheim Castle, ancstral seat of the House of Hohenlohe dar is considered the most beautiful castle amongst all castles in Hohenlohe. In the center of the castle complex, a moated castle is situated.

Weikersheim Castle - Moated castle

The Knight’s hall inside of Weikersheim Castle is counted amongst the most beautiful decorated Renaissance rooms in Germany. This festival room in the southern part of the Castle is decorated with a coffered ceiling, the walls are decorated with painitings showing hunting scenes.

Weikersheim Castle - Knight's hall

Originally, Weikersheim Castle was a erected as medieval moated castle. Later on, Count Wolfgang erected a Renaissance style appendix in the southern part of the Castle which was finished in 1598.

Weikersheim Castle

The Garden Park of the Castle of Weikersheim was designed and modelled following the layout found in the Castle of Versailles gestaltet. It’s one of the earliest Baroque Gardens which can be found in Franconia.

Weikersheim Castle - Garden park

Several attractions can be found inside the Old Town of Weikersheim. The so-called Gänsturm (Goose Tower), erected around 1320, houses the city museum, extendend an reopended in spring 2007. On two floors, furniture and artwork from from the beginning of the 20th century are shown.

Weikersheim - Old Town

The evangelical Chrch of St. Georgis situtaed at the historical market square. This place provides access to Weikersheim Castle via a semicircled entrance.

Market Square of Weikersheim and Church of St. Georg

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