Visit the Spa Solymar in Bad Mergentheim, and fun is guaranteed for both kids and adults! Relax inside the brine from the Pauls mineral spring and experience how the 34° C hot spa-water brings back the eneryg to your body! Gain an impressiom from the Spa Solymar via our virtual tour already now!

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Thermal mineral pool with outdoor pool and nozzles for water massage

Badepark Solymar - Mineralbecken

70m lange water slide: black hole tube with light and sound effects

Water playground for children, with water slide suitable for small children and a bubbling water mushroom (amongst others)

Spa Solymar - Water slide

Spa Solymar - Children pool

Three different kind of saunas, like Caldarium with coloured light therapy and Canadian music for meditation or Sanarium with a moderate temperature of 50° to 55° C and calming ligth effects.

Badepark Solymar - Sauna

Approx. 50 m2 large Finnish log cabin style sauna built from Kelowood, beautiful vistas on the lovely Tauber valley, constructed with natural inartificial materialis only.

The spa Solymar also provide facilities for relaxation between the sauna visits. Additionally, you owe it to yourself to take a massage offered inside the sauna area.

Spa Solymar - Sauna hut

Spa Solymar - Relaxation area

Swimming pool, 25 m long sporting pool, diving platform, three meters high and diving board, one meter high.

Spa Solymar - Swimming pool

Indoor area with bubbling underwater couches and whirlpool located in the outdoor area.

Spa Solymar - Whirlpool

Thermal mineral pool with outdoor pool and massage nozzles, swimmin pool wit artificial waves (runs hourly, duration: 10 minutes).

Spa Solymar - Outdoor pool

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