The town of Würzburg ist worth a visit, too! Most noticeable amongst the many attractions area the world-renowned Residenz of Würzburg including a garden park and a magnificent square, included into the UNESCO world heritage list in 1981, the fortress Marienberg and the so-called Käpelle, a pilgrimage chapel! Enjoy a virtual tour through these attractions already now!

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Würzburg - City panorama

Photo: Christian Horvat, Wikipedia

Situated above the city of Würzburg, the fortress Marienberg nowadays features two important museums (Mainfränkisches Museum and Fürstenbaumuseum).

Würzburg - Fortress Marienberg

Photo: Christian Horvat, Wikipedia

Beneath a donjon you may find a fountain house inside the Fortress Marienberg covering a fountain which is 105 meters deep.

Würzburg - Fortress Marienberg

Photo: Christian Horvat, Wikipedia

Court Gardens and Residence Square of the Würzburg Residenz are architecural very impressive buildings comparable to the sites in Wien and the Castle of Versailles near Paris. Consequently, the Würzburg Residence with the Court Gardens and Residence Square was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981.

World heritage site Residenz of Würzburg

The Court Chapel (Hofkirche) of the Residence, situated in the south-western corner of the Residenz was designed and arranged by the renowned architect and mastre builder Balthasar Neumann. Giovanni Battista Tiepol decorated the Imperial Hall (1751/52) and the ceiling above the staircase (1752/53) with giant frescoes. These frescoes form the largest comtinuous ceiling frescoes of the world (approx. 670 m²).

Court Chapel of Residenz Würzburg

The Old Town of Würzburg comes up with several attractions, amongst them the Old Universität inculding an University church, an Old Crane, historical houses, and the Julius hospital including a rokoko style apothecary and historical cellars.

Old Town of Würzburg

The pilgrimage chapel Käppele was also designed and constructed from Balthasar Neumann. The silhouette of this chapel can be seen from far away. You may reach this pilgrimage chapel a steep procession staircase comprising 256 steps.

Pilgrimage chapel Käppele

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